Youtube Analytics is an excellent tool for all content creators to understand their video and channel performances.

The best digital marketing agencies in Egypt use Youtube analytics to make decisions regarding future content and marketing strategies.

Which Numbers Matter on Youtube Analytics?

1- Watch Time
Watch time is the total amount of minutes viewers have watched your video.

To many businesses, watch time is more important than the number of views since views can equal a 30-second video play.
Additionally, high watch time leads to better placement by Youtube in search results.

2- Engagement
This metric shows you how audiences are reacting to your videos. The number of people responding to videos and how they react provides valuable marketing information.

Engagement can show businesses if viewers are attracted to specific topics or not or if they’re sharing your videos with others.

3- Demographics
A demographics report on Youtube gives businesses insights into the people watching their videos. They are segmented by age, location, and gender.

This data is essential to show if you are reaching your target audience or not, and it could be vital in changing your content and marketing strategy.

4- Traffic Sources
The Traffic Sources report is essential to know where your viewers found your videos.

It also shows you which sources to focus on to create more traffic to your Youtube channel.

Traffic sources include but are not limited to social media, Youtube’s recommended section, and the homepage.

More reports and data on Youtube Analytics can provide you with other insights. It is recommended that your business partners with professionals read the data accurately and make the most out of it.